About Sophie Rose: My Journey 
You may not know it looking at me now, however, I was once 200 pounds at 5’8. For reference, I’m now around 135. I’m not throwing numbers out to create scale-anxiety. I’m just giving an idea of how far I’ve come. 65 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to gain, and a lot to lose. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Not a lot of people know my full struggle, but it’s so important I put this out there, for any women who might be going through something similar.
I was always healthy growing up and ate mostly whole, unprocessed foods. I played lacrosse, and field hockey, and staying in shape wasn’t an issue. Enter college. All of a sudden I had anything I wanted at my fingertips....pizza...so much pizza. Ice cream, cookies, cookies with frosting, soda, you name it, I ate it. My body didn’t know how to process what I was eating, and I quickly gained weight. I became depressed. My roommate at the time passed away unexpectedly. My world felt unsteady, numb, and confusing.
I tried to fit in, in ways that weren’t healthy. I started having stomach pain that hurt so bad I’d have to use a heating pad, just to try and feel the pain less, trying to numb and soothe it with the hot heat. I felt terrible. I had no energy, I didn’t want anyone to see me, and I felt like a shell of my old self.
Fast forward to that summer, I went home and knew I had to figure out how to feel better. I didn’t realize it, but most of my problems would be fixed by losing weight and completely immersing myself into nutrition and wellness.
I took courses and all the free trainings I could find. I started learning about the science of food and supplements. I learned about macros, and how to move my body in a way that I loved. I learned about intuitive eating, non-restrictive eating, incorporating more plant foods, and listening to my body. And something remarkable happened. I lost the weight, and I gained a new excitement for life, and a passion.
Now, over 10 years later, I am a certified health coach. Health and wellness is never dull to me. I absolutely love it. And I love helping women. I am now the person I wish I had, when I went through my journey. Let's start your wellness journey today ❤️